Moverline is a simple, inexpensive and flexible solution. when you want to create a flow. Moverline is a roller rail that you attach to the floor. You can place pallets or other material that you want to be able to easily move along the rail. The roller bar can be mounted at any distance, so it can also be used for special pallets or other solutions.

Operational excellence - Rullist

Operational excellence

To create flow is the single most important factor to reduce waste in any manufacturing business today!

Moverline is originated from Operational excellence and Lean Production. Our founder is running a consultancy group whom help customers to.

Made in Sweden - Our Rullist - Moverline

Made in Sweden

The Moverline company is based in Sweden, Scandinavia.

Most of our products are manufactured in Sweden and exported to you!

Parts and accessories - Rullist - Moverline

Order och produkter

The Moverline concept contains a number of smart parts and accessories and is constantly evolving.

Here you will find different types of ramps and stops that make your use of the roller rail easier and appropriate.

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